Born 1980 in Tåstarp, Sweden. Currently based in Stockholm.


Carl Palm builds polyhedral discourses generated form conversations between objects of plural nature. The concept of "mixed media" finds here a clearer sense through his approach to objects: it considers relations of resemblance and contrast inside the exhibition room, the changing significance of the goods through changes and displacement, and the sculpture´s own memory. Not that far from animism, Palm approaches a wide sculptural practice from a post-curatorial behaviour, researching the inner capacity of the objects to interact inside the white-cube, being specially sensitive to their previous story outside the museum.



Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden

Research Program Center for Contemporary Art, Kitakyushu, Japan

Städelschule Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Klasse Simon Starling

Selected Exhibitions

RAVI residency, Liège
Space Collection Liège
Solo at S1, Portland
Parallel, Oaxaca
Solo Diesel Project Space, Liège

EUROPE, EUROPE at BOZAR Centre for fine art, Brussels (forthcoming)
kim? Contemporary Art Centre (forthcoming)
Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg (forthcoming)

Cosmopolitanissimo at Jimmy Hoo curated by Filip Gillisen
Ravi residency Liege
Space Collection,Liege (forthcoming)
Disel Projetct Space, Liege
Bacon on The Roof at HEKLA Brussels
White Walkers, Riga, curated by Kaspars Groshevis
Afterbirth of a Dream, at Meat Factor in Prague curated by Christina Gigliotti, Jan Zálesák

Solo at 427 Riga
SWIM (solo) at Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg
The Curves of the World, Chart Art Fair Copenhagen curated by Mette Woller
Good Times & Nocturnal News at Mount Analogue, Stockholm
X Bienal de Nicaragua, curated by Oliver Martinez Kandt
Art Geneva, curated by YGRG
Bikini Wax, curated by Natalia Ibanez Lario, Mexico City
XII Baltic Triennial at Kim? / Dailes Theatre (together with Mikko Kuorinki), Riga, Latvia curated by Virginija Januskeviciute
Galleri Idun, Stockholm curated by Daniel Inatti

Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Centre Krakow (together with Mikko Kuorinki)
Yautepec Gallery, Mexico City
XII Baltic Triennial at Contemporary Art Centre (together with Mikko Kuorinki)
Komplot, Brussels
GL Strand + Overgaden in Copenhagen Art Festival
Four To Seven, Riga
Nosbaum Reding Projects, Luxembourg
Cultural Foundation of Tinos
Museo Delle Palme, Palermo
Parallel, Oaxaca
Casa de Lago, Mexico City
RUPERT, Vilnius
Thunder Do Me, Sandcastle Rave on Lido's Beach curated by Good Times & Nocturnal News Tensta Konsthall, Through A Glass, Lightly, curated by Dorota Michalska

Kunsthalle Athena, Athens
Untitled Art Miami Beach
Podium, Oslo
Association Le Commissariat, Paris
MACBA, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art
Friends With Books, Berlin
Night of the Museums in Plovdiv
Annecy Summer Lake
TOVES, Copenhagen
Kunstlager Stuttgart
Baltic Art Center, Visby
Insomnia at Kunsthalle Wien
Inter Arts Center, Malmö
Solo at Artium, Vittoria
Center, Berlin
Foxehole #14, Stockholm
Solo at Galerie Nosbaum & Reding, Luxembourg
Kunstraum, London
Matienzo / Matienschon, Buenos Aires
Readers Digest, Basel

Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania
Splash, Can & Cock, Komplot, Brussels
Lack of Spatial Chance 700px, Gallery & Goldsmiths University of London
Objects of Desire at Open Work And ? with Raimundas Malasauska
Home Show, Salzamt, Linz
Finnish Institute, Stockholm
Retreat Festival, Stockholm
Bar Grraowl, Venice, Basel, Berlin
Secret Show, Stockholm
BEAUHAUS, Brussels
Galeria Liebre, Madrid
La Capella, Barcelona
Fullerst Gard, Stockholm
KRIS an art essay on the notion of crisis, Swedish Institute, Athens

Galeri Invaliden 1, Berlin
Index The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm
Revenue, Stockholm, Sweden
Index The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm
CAC, MINDAUGAS Triennial, ?It reminds me of Vilnius?, ?Rockmore Recital?
SOLO at Komplot, Brussels
?COSMOTOPIA? BAC, Bâtiment d?art contemporain, Le Commun, Geneva
Group Show, American Ambassadors Residence in Stockholm, curated by Theodor Ringborg and Ronald Jones
Market, Galleri Niklas Belenius
CRAFT with: Michael J. Baers, Donatella Bernardi & Bernd Krauß, Stockholm
Disclosure, exhibition as discourse as disco, organized by IASPIS
during the 12th Istanbul biennale

Grants and Residencies

RAVI Residency Liège

IASPIS 1 year Residency in London (ACME + Cubitt Studios)

Tinos Quarry Platform, Tinos. Museo Delle Palme, Palermo. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Annecy Summer Lake Residency. 2 year working grant (arbetsstipendie), The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Rupert, Vilnius, Lithuania. Atelierhaus Saltzam, Linz, Austria. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Hanaholmens kulturcentrum - Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland

Shortlisted for IASPIS studio abroad program, Soma Mexico City, Mexico. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.  The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.  The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Shortlisted for IASPIS studio abroad program, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
Naturastipendiet, Danielsgården, Bingsjö, Sweden.  The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.  The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

IASPIS studio grant Stockholm, Sweden. Ricklundsgarden, Saxsnas, Sweden.

Art workshop, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Engelholms Kulturstipendium.  Stiftelsen Hanhels minnesfond

CCA, Center for Contemporary Art, Kitakyushu, Japan. Arja kajsa Fund

Wilhelm Smiths Fund. Haneberg Residency


X Bienal de Nicaragua Catalog. 9 Artist-Run Parties You?ll Want to Attend on Artsy

Monograph of M.S, published by 427 Gallery, Riga
Accattone #2, published by an independent editorial project based in Brussels
Sleep Cure Sleepiness, published by TLTRPreß
Good Times & Nocturnal News #3, published by Carl Palm and Overgaden at Trust Copenhagen Art Festival

TEXTO, curated by Gabriel Pericàs
What are you working on? / Vad har du på gång?  published by WAYWO

Good Times & Nocturnal News #2 published by Carl Palm
YEAR 2013, published by Komplot, Brussels, Belgium

Good Times & Nocturnal News #1  published by Carl Palm and Komplot, Brussels, Belgium. Cosmotopia Eternal Tour, Geneve, Switzerland

Bookbook 2007-2011, Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste - Städelschule. Disclosure ? exhibition as discourse as disco by Studio SM
YEAR 2011, Komplot, Brussels, Belgium

Laconic- a talk in between two chairs, November 14, 7pm. An Experience Of Exchange
New Beginnings - Open house at Iaspis. En annan Väg, The Wanås Foundation

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Explum catalog