Do you want to talk about Derrida?
Or a neighbourhood sex shop?
With a wave of a white flag, a match or even a battery powered torch
Put on your soldiers uniform
Cross your fingers and embrace the pleasure of guilt
Imagine a room (in a palace)
A sweet smelling room (with no wifi), somewhere in the back and out of sight
Sheltered by a hidden doorway and a long, damp, winding passage
In that room you see a table
A grand old table carved from oak &
On that table amidst the dripping wax candles, smashed watermelons and slippery squid
Lays a sprawled out body covered in raspberry jam
Perhaps not
What else is there?
Hold on stick with it plough through
Open your eyes and see what we have made is real
We are in Xanadu
Overcoming optimism

Alexei Alexander Izmaylov presents his first survey show which looks closely at the work of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, focusing in particular on the 1797 poem Kubla Khan: Or, a vision in a dream. A Fragment. Through the mediums of sculpture, painting, language and scent, and by using the poems ambiguous nature as a recrudescent reference, Alexei Alexander Izmaylov addresses themes of culled self awareness, intervention of time and coveted misbehaviour of youth.

In PLACID & LIMPID: 3AM MIRACLE, A FRAGMENT both serial and standalone artworks present themselves with an indistinct identity originating from the shared commonplace before opening up to the humorously surreal, all the while a scent based artwork 'We smell art, and you?' fills the gallery spaces as one warm enveloping hug.



Dans sa première exposition personnelle, Alexei Alexander Izmaylov s?intéresse tout particulièrement au poème Kubla Khan: Or, a vision in a dream. A Fragment écrit en 1797 par l'auteur anglais Samuel Taylor Coleridge. L'ensemble de sculptures, peintures, textes et odeurs rassemblés dans l'exposition illustrent de manière recrudescente la nature ambiguë du poème et questionnent des notions telles que la conscience de soi, le passage du temps et le désir immodéré de jeunesse.

De nature faussement indistincte, les oeuvres rassemblées dans l'exposition PLACID & LIMPID: 3AM MIRACLE, A FRAGMENT s'ancrent dans la vie quotidienne et évoluent lentement vers l'humour et l'absurde, comme par exemple l'oeuvre olfactive 'We smell art, and you?' qui embrasse et remplit les espaces vides de la galerie.