Anna Krieps 10.12.2022 - 10.12.2022 Book launch & drink | Anna Krieps

Book launch & drink with Anna Krieps "Stardust"

Join us on Saturday 10 December starting at 4 pm


Anna Krieps


July 2022
134 pages
ISBN 978-88-94895-59-9

Designed by Nicolas Polli
Published by SKINNERBOOX


"Stardust is a book about the relationship between humans and the Cosmos, it concentrates on the transition from the innermost wishes to the collective Dream and conversely, from the infinite small to the infinite big. It shows traces of an intimate contact with the exterior world. I present this theme with unique stories and portraits of individual personalities. I was very passionate in my mission to become acquainted with their different points of view, their particular knowledge, and the secrets and unlikely stories that seemed to be hiding behind every door that opened up to me. Specialists of astronomy, cosmonauts and simple inhabitants, accepted my presence and were good leads in the exploration of my research."

Anna Krieps

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Book launch & drink | Anna Krieps