Born 1930 in Luxembourg. Works and lives in Luxembourg.

After having been a good house wife for three decades, Germaine Hoffmann decided to not become a dissatisfied old lady and went on to study various techniques at innumerable summer school courses and evening classes between 1968 and 1998 in Luxembourg. Her technique evolved from newspaper collages into her very own technique involving a mix of collage and paint on wood, sanded and varnished in multiple layers to arrive at a immaculately slick and yet deeply textured image?object. She never tires to experiment with new found ideas and objects, turning household objects reminiscent of her pre-described role as a woman born in the 30s into powerful images of presence, there-ness and solitude, one example of this being a series of plastic table covers re-used as drip catchers for her varnished collages and then re-worked and re-used to become large scale images themselves. Her work sits within the realm of emotional abstraction, with geometric and seemingly coincidental outlines of bodies or vases as her only hint at figurative representation. Germaine Hoffmann has exhibited extensively within Luxembourg and has been in group as well as solo shows in Germany, Hungary, Sweden, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands and Poland.