Born 1985 in UK. Works and lives in London.

Alice Theobald creates live performance, video, installation and music to actively explore the devision between stage and life and the discrepancy between expression, appearance and feeling. Borrowing from the vocabulary of cinema, television, theatre, literature and musical scores, Theobald is interested in the make-up and construction of performance, the challenges of acting and the blurring of character creation on and off stage whilst circling questions of representation, manipulation and genuine behaviour. Layered wordplay, gesture, repetition and double-entendres accumulate to multi-faceted compositions that reflect and loop back on themselves as fabricated truths about relationships, neurosis and everyday life. She graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in 2014 and is currently undertaking The Future Autumn Residency at Wysing Arts Centre. In February of 2014 she presented I’ve said yes now, that’s it. for the Chisenhale Gallery’s Interim programme. In 2013 she completed the Gasworks, London International Performance Residency. Selected performances, exhibitions and film screenings include: South London Gallery (UK), Outpost (UK), Gasworks (UK), P/N Gallery, Spike Island (UK), Modern Art Oxford (UK), Baro Galeria (BR), V22 (UK) and Pilar Corrias (UK). She is represented by Pilar Corridas.