Born 1981 in France. Works and lives in Paris.

Adrien Vescovi makes paintings by exposing multiple fabrics to outdoor conditions; the weather then causes several processes on the textile: like Sun-whitening and ripping, and dye will drop and leak in between fabrics. Time makes paintings, or might the Earth have made the paintings? We are the new hippies, is a nice way to say it. Adrien crafts the stretcher for his paintings, that now include elements of carpentry, such as the hinges of a window or a door; there is a bench from where to look at the painting. Hugs.

Adrien?s recent solo exhibitions include Tripode (Nantes), Glass Box (Paris) and Galerie TORRI (Paris). His work was featured in group shows at Galerie Jeanroch Dard (Brussels), Galerie Jean Fournier (Paris), Galerie Edouard Manet (Paris) and Performa (New York).