Aline Bouvy
*74, LU
99-01     Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, NL
95-99     Ecole de Recherche Graphique, Brussels, B

John Gillis
*72, BE
98-00     Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, NL
93-97     Ecole de Recherche Graphique, Brussels, B

Aline Bouvy and John Gillis have been working in collaboration since 2000. They live and work in Brussels.


Solo Shows

Sharp Dull, Nosbaum & Reding, Luxembourg, L

Venusia, EMAF ArtBox, Osnabrück, D
Ne t'inquiète pas, je ne te veux aucun bien, l'Edition Populaire, Antwerp, B
Heat in coupling, La Chaussette, Brussels, B

Peripatetics, vagabonds and other shapes, Le Temple, Paris, F
Venusia, Volume Projects, London, UK
Aporie de la peur, Etablissements d'en face projects, Brussels, B

Joven y Brillante, Veals & Geeks, Brussels, B

Venusia, Zoo Galerie, Nantes, F
Aline Bouvy / John Gillis, Nosbaum & Reding, Luxembourg, L
New Beat, International Project Space, Birmingham, UK

My Other Cunt, 404 arte contemporanea, Napoli, I
Another drenched night at the Pagano club, aliceday, Brussels, B
You never cry with just one eye, Wendy Cooper Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA
Acid on my Sphinx, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, B

Sonia Versace, Galerie Kuttner Siebert, Berlin, D
Perry-ism, Nosbaum & Reding, Luxembourg, L

Galerie Damasquine, Brussels, B
To a severe mathematics, Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen, D

Episode 01: Descriptions, Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, NL

Group Shows (Selection)

Dual Perspectives, curated by Simon Delobel, Galerie Marion de Cannière, Antwerp, B
Celluloid Brushes: An Anthology of the Filmic Perception of the Artist from 1942 till Today - a project by Etablissement d'en Face @ Goethe Institut, New York, US
Mercury Retrograde: Animated Realities, curated by Zeljka Himbele and William Heath, Karlin Studios, Prague, CZ
Found in Translation, Chapter M, curated by Emmanuel Lambion at Nathalie Guiot & Thalie Art Project, Brussels, B
Black and Vases - YEAR exhibition 2013, curated by Komplot at Komplot, Brussels, B
Mercury Retrograde: Animated Realities, curated by William Heath & Zeljka Himbele at Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York
The Long Leash, curated by The Ister at Wolke, Brussels, B
Portrait?, Nosbaum & Reding, Luxembourg, LU

2012 Marbled Realms - A project by Tom Godfrey, The Modern Institute, Glasgow, UK
Midpoint #1 - A.Bouvy/J.Gillis, Jurgen Ots, Harald Thys, Café Midpoint, Brussels, B
Art thou gone beloved ghost, Gdansk, PL
Skypy Gang Archange, Le Commissariat, Paris, F
Plastique Fantastique: There is not and never has been anything to understand, ASC Gallery, London, UK
Prince at the Forum, Beacon Arts Building, Los Angeles, CA
Campo Campo, OUI OUI !!!, Campo&Campo, Antwerp, B
Le Centre Aéré, Jardin de l´Ecole Nationale Supérieure d´Art de Nancy, Nancy, F
Celluloïd Brushes, Witte de With ? Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, NL

2011  Anonymously Yours, Galerie Observatoire - Maison Grégoire, Brussels, B
Found in Translation, Chapter L, Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain, Luxembourg, L

Aline Bouvy / John Gillis + Patrice Gaillard & Claude, La Chaussette, Brussels, B
PPP & Ensoriaanse Mars op Oostende, Mu.zee, Oostende, B
Rien de politique ..., Komplot, Brussels, B
A stranger's window, Nottingham Castle & Museum, Nottingham, UK

Mercury Retrograde: Animated Realities, Bay 12 Gallery, Austin, Texas, USA
Opération Tonnerre, Mains d'Oeuvres, Paris, F
Dark Pearl, La Générale, Paris, F
Venusia, Volume Projects, London, UK
I love the Benelux, Virgil de Voldère Gallery, New York City, NY, USA
Videonale 12, Kunstmuseum Bonn, D

Architecture of Survival, Outpost and Art2102, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Un-scene, Wiels, Centre for Contemporary Art, Brussels, B
From Love, with Brussels, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NL
Optica, Festival Internacional de Videoarte, Gijon, E    
second_nature, Domaine départemental de Chamarande, Chamarande, F; Parc Heinz, Dexia BIL, Luxembourg, L
Young identities - Global Youth, Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, Osnabrück, D
Publish and be damned, Goethe Institut New York, New York, USA
Decoder, Contemporary Art Center (CAC), Vilnius, LT
Gravity, Coleccion Ernesto Esposito, Artium, Centro Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporaneo, Vitoria, E
Monsieur Jean-Paul recevra, Observatoire galerie - Maison Grégoire, Brussels, B
Losing Control, De Garage, Cultuurcentrum, Mechelen, B

The parallax crew, Nosdella.due, Bologna, I
Artz Attack, Plan B, Brussels, B
Decoder, Contour 2007, 3rd biennial for video art, Mechelen, B
Summer show, aliceday, Brussels, B
Gest: Future Criticism, Kingston University, London, UK
Nosbaum & Reding @ Artnews Projects, Artnews Projects, Berlin, D
Come over to my house to see my album, Maison Grégoire, Brussels, B
What glue do you use?, Atelier Cardenas Bellanger, Paris, F

Not Yet Night, The Embassy, Edinburgh, UK
L´Été Photographique de Lectoure, Lectoure, F
Writing in Strobe, Dicksmith Gallery, London, UK

Slim Volume Poster Publication, Fortescue Avenue/Jonathan Viner, London, UK
SV05, Studio Voltaire, London, UK
Le canard était toujours vivant, Abbaye Saint-André, Centre d' Art Contemporain, Meymac, F

No Friture, Die junge belgische Szene, Kunstverein Mannheim; Kunstverein Ludwigshafen, D
Not Yet Night, The Ship, London, UK
AXXXPRESSUNIZM, Vilma Gold, London and aliceday, Brussels, B
Bande Annonce, aliceday, Brussels, B
Vollevox, Festival Maïs, Bâtiment van der Borght, Brussels, B

First Glance, Galerie Kuttner Siebert, Berlin, B
Hurts so good, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, LT

Freespace 3, Z33, Hasselt, B
Belgian Focus, Argos Film Festival, Argos, Brussels, B
The music in me: Concerting an exhibition, KSA:K, Chisinev, MD and
Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen, D
The idea is good but the world isn't ready for it yet, Allias, Taverne des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, B

The air palpably thickens as soon as the Californian hairdresser walks in, Marres, Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, Maastricht, NL

Unfortunately last sunday afternoon?, Museum Het Domein,Sittard, NL
Open Nights, Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, NL

Ego devant la mort, in collaboration with Simona Denicolai and Ivo Provoost, Galeries Anspach, Brussels, B

K*Market, Galerie Ravenstein organised by Komplot, Brussels, B
WAKE UP II, Festival Maïs organised by Komplot, Brussels, B

Das Spiel ist aus, Ecole de Recherche Graphique, Brussels, B
I'm alone, I love my tits, Vollevox #3, Théâtre Mercelis curated by Komplot, Brussels, B
WAKE UP, Festival Maïs, organised by Komplot, Brussels, B

Can't be Zarathoustra all the time, Cercle Nautique, Liège, B

On and on and on, na, na, naa, De Appel, Amsterdam, NL

Allen Jones: Book Reading, Marres, Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, Maastricht, NL and Le Pavé dans la marre, Besançon, F