Philippe Emmanuel Lamesch, artist and biologist from Luxembourg, discovered his passion for printmaking shortly after moving to Boston in 2001. It was here that he joined the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and took printmaking classes for the first time. He was fascinated by the endless possibilities that the various media of printmaking offer, and under the guidance of artist and teacher Catherine Kernan he explored different printmaking techniques from monoprint to woodcut and copper etching. A biomedical researcher by training, Lamesch enjoyed how printmaking techniques, just like research protocols, require an eye for detail but also a tremendous amount of creativity. Encouraged by the success of his first solo show in Luxembourg in 2003, Lamesch continued working in the medium of printmaking, soon focusing his work on copper etching. Aside from the technical aspect of the printmaking process, Lamesch especially enjoyed the textures and details that he was able to create using techniques such as aquatint, spitbite and hardground etching. Using these techniques, and specialising in multi-plates prints, the artist started to create works inspired by his imagination of the microscopic molecular world that he is confronted with on a daily basis in the laboratory.

In 2007, Lamesch moved to the US West Coast, and became a member of the prestigious KALA Art Institute in Berkeley. Upon his return to Luxembourg in 2012, the artist started to experiment with collages, still with the focus on using various types of papers to create effects of depth and transparency. 

Lamesch quickly entered the art scene in Luxembourg not only as an artist but also as a curator. In 2014, Lamesch and three of his friends create the non-profit organization ‘Art2Cure’ with the mission to stage artfundraiser where revenue is split evenly between the artist and a good cause.

Solo and Duo exhibitions


Exhibition Pop of Color with Daniel Lloyd, Gallerie A Rousen, Pétange, Luxembourg


Exhibition Negative Space with Boris Loder, Theatre d’Esch, Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg
Exhibition Identity of Abstraction with Belen Irazola, Centre Alighieri, Luxembourg


Solo Show, Nosbaum & Reding, Luxembourg


Solo Show New Works,  San Francisco Consulate, San Francisco, CA


Solo Show New Territory, Luxembourg House, New York City, NY


Group exhibitions (Selection)


Group show The End Is Your Choice, Nosbaum Reding Projects, Luxembourg
Group show Windows, London, UK
Group show Sixth Floor: End of the Year with 10 other artists, Koerich, Luxembourg
Printmaking, 1st edition of International Printmaking Festival, Luxembourg


Group show Art2Cure, BIL, Luxembourg


Group show Art2Cure, BIL, Luxembourg


Group show Festival de la gravure, Diekirch, Luxembourg
Group show Art2Cure, Kulturfabrik, Esch/Alzette


Group show 50/50, Abbaye Neumünster, Luxembourg


Group show Festival de la gravure, Diekirch, Luxembourg


Group show,  Milk Gallery,  Sacramento, CA