Exhibited Works


Nosbaum Reding is honoured to host the prodigious works by Joep Van Lieshout and his atelier.

We are opening on Wednesday 24 May 2023 at 6 pm

The show is on view until 20 July 2023.



Art history is filled with dying warriors, from the felled fighter on the battle fields of Ancient Greece to Henry Moore's Warrior with Shield  breathing his last breath. They sacrificed themselves for the people, fatherland or ideology. These heroes know that fighting might end in dying, sometimes even by their own sword to uphold the honor.

The Fallen Warrior series of Atelier Van Lieshout is part of this tradition, with the difference that these sculptures have no fixed top or bottom. They can be placed and read in various ways, representing warriors who won’t stop fighting even when their worldview flips.


These “wire sculptures” are minimalist and sketch like, but have great expressive power and something Van Lieshout himself calls ‘flower arranging logic’. This has everything to do with the creative process, which is set in motion without a predetermined plan. Concentrated energy, highly developed intuition and a little luck come together. The three-dimensional coordinate system that Van Lieshout devised offers both guidance and limitations. Just like the figure in the frame it supports, but also suspends from it.